As we know coffee is actually healthy. It is been known as improving our cognitive mode function, reduced cancer risk and more important it’s improved our living time. But another thing shocking and interesting study says that taking caffeine more than normal it may cause you a migraine. 

A study from the American Journal of Medicine says that taking caffeinated beverages more then the normal associated with the migraine attack specially you are prone to headaches.

The researcher took 98 adults to study, who already experience episodic migraine.  The researcher observes and records their daily activities like lifestyle, drinking water, and caffeine beverage, timing characteristics.

They took all the data and they compared with the individual people who consume caffeine normal.

And the result is quite shocking, a researcher reported that during observation days who reported migraines, they were more likely to suffer from a migraine on the same day they took high level of caffeine when one might normal consume.

They concluded that taking a high level of caffeinated beverages might be a reason for migraine headaches on that same day.


Women need to be careful.

Migraine affects about 1 in 10 people worldwide, according to one study migraine effect twice faster than man.

About 9 percent of men and 16 percent of a woman suffers from migraines and might it came from your family and parents.

One of the researchers Jones said migraine might depend on your lifestyle like certain foods, stress, too much or little sleeping, hormones, or even thing like bright light and hunger as well.

Caffeine can cure and cause of migraine attack. In some cases the pain is caused by blood vessels in the brain swelling, caffeine could help to make the blood vessels constrict, reducing the swelling a well.

More even caffeine has even been used in emergency rooms for rapid relief of severe migraine symptoms.

Such a fascinating exposure that caffeine associated with both benefits and harms.

One of the researchers Elizabeth Mostofsky, ScD, in the cardiovascular epidemiology research unit at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, said that drinking three cups of coffee in one day definitely it may cause of migraine attack. Reported on

These studies say’s that limit yourself to no more than two cups of coffee per day, as per news outlet.

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