66-year-old man heart located on the right side instead of left
66-year-old man heart located on the right side instead of left

The strange case revealed that a 66-year-old man heart located on the right side instead of left. We are taking one case from the medical emergency room the man who came to the hospital with the complaint of coughing and chest pains.

After diagnosis doctor realized that patient-internal all organs were in the wrong place,(his heart was on the right, liver on the left) which is shocked by everyone for a while.

How Doctors diagnose

Doctor’s make study for this kind of condition, they came to know this condition has a name situs inversus totalis , and it’s not as life-changing as you think as first.

In fact, we have modern medical technology to scan all body, but it’s thought there are many people who lived their lives without ever getting diagnosed.

The doctor said that the patient had recently moved to the US after living in a refugee camp for 20 years. So they find shown up by a chest radiograph were dextrocardia (The case where the heart is on the right, not the left) and totally transposition of the abdominal organs.

Symptoms of Patient

66-year-old man heart located on the right side instead of left. The man had a symptom included chest pains, congestion, coughing, and pain on the abdomen, as published in the medical reports. thankfully it does not turn to any major symptoms it’s just an upper respiratory infection, after being treated with the medicine patient recovered a few days later.

This case(Situs Inversus totalis) is a rare condition, but not everywhere seen, in fact, this condition where abdominal organs are flipped, is the most common type around the world, around 1 in 10,000 people are affected.

Major health problems can be solved even they are in the mirror. people who have this condition they wear a bracelet.

Most complication part is when something happens around the heart, in this case, the patient ends up lying in parallel rather than crisscross this will make heart surgery or heart transplant much more difficult.

The doctor first came to know about situs Inversus was named by Matthew baillie in around 1788 and still, doctors and scientists are intrigued.

Recently there was another case published about one lady Rose Marie who lived 99 years. no one knew her unusual condition until her death. In the case of Rose Marie had heard an incorrect place which is left side, which makes case more difficult and higher rate in mortality.

Most of the Situs Inversus cases dismissed as an X-ray error when babies are born, which leads to bit difficult in surgery when they become adult

The case was first published in the healthline.com 

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