The man behind this technology Elon Musk has announced about brain implant in July. He said that they started developing computer Neuralink chip that they can implant into human brain.

Founded my Elon Musk

Neuralink the Musk founded in 2016 and he invested 100$ million dollar startup for the company, Elon said that Neuralink company has developed small chips roughly 4mm by 4mm designed to increase stimulate neurons and robot which can sew ultra thin thread into brain, although he mention that the surgery will be as simple as painless Lasik aye surgery . The company has claimed that they are going to start implant chips into human brain by next year.

Neuralink company claim that by second quarter of next year they will capable of reading and writing information. As Mr. Musk said, his scientist may be has big a challenge to make his vision true. 

Musk’s said the idea of inserting computer chips in human brain, it would make speedy communication  between computer and human. It could be used to treat brain disorder like Alzheimer, Parkinson. basically it could preserve and enhance brain capability.

What is the point of experts

Max Hodak president and one of the founder of neuralink, said they want to improve abnormal people that they can do things like normal people. Although he mention that the system would be wireless and it will last long as 10 years.

The company said they would have to make a hole to implement this chip but in future they hope that laser beam for pierce the skull with series of tinny holes which make treatment more precision Mr. Max Hodak said.

Other face expert say hype surround the complex system may not be justified just yet.

Philipp heiler founder of neurofeedback neuroboost and a physician told to business insider , such kind of treatment came with the risk including brain damage, inflammation and scars.

But the flexibility of the neuralink thread would be advantage, said Terry Sejnowski , the Francis Crick professor at the Salk Institute for biological studies, in La Jolla, Calif.

“Unless all this is clear, it’s simply not possible to upload knowledge somewhere else then upload it back into the brain. While it might make for great science fiction, in reality it’s just hokum.”

Article Published on Business insider

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