NASA first time unveiled Spacesuit
NASA first time unveiled Spacesuit

NASA first time unveiled Spacesuit for next moon project. This October 15 NASA unveiled a prototype of the spacesuit that will use for the next moon landing project Artemis program, with the first woman and next man by 2024. NASA chief Jim Bridenstine and with the engineers share the first look of spacesuits design.

Artemis missions

Humans might adaptable to Earth’s atmosphere but humans are very fragile to tolerate the radiation and the condition what Solar system has.

NASA has just unveiled its brand new spacesuits that can help humans to deal with solar system atmosphere, astronauts will wear to the Moon as part of the next moon mission called Artemis missions.

Artemis program is to place a human on the lunar surface and develop a presence thereafter Apollo mission as back in the late 60s and 70s.

Under Artemis there are several components, first is the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, a station around the moon that would extend humanity’s presence in space and provide a platform scientific experiment for our scientist.  

Bridenstine said that this project is a way of mars mission, need to use this mission as providing ground.

There have been a lot of new additions added to the new spacesuit, which officially called Exploration Extravehicular Mobility(xEMUs)  if we are going to compare with the Apollo mission.

NASA first time unveiled Spacesuit
NASA first time unveiled Spacesuit

Apollo suits didn’t have a lot of leg movement, which you see on many great videos of astronauts falling over in the significantly lower gravity.

About Space Suite

However, The new suite also features joint bearings and shoulder enhancements for better upper body motion, and gloves that allow astronauts to move their fingers for easier grabbing.

In a demonstration of the suit with Jim Bridenstine and Spacesuit engineer Kristine Davis bent over to pick up a rock, this kind of movement would have been very harder in the Apollo mission suits.


In addition Wearing this suits astronauts can survive temperature range between -156 to 121 degrees Celsius and can be wearable for female and male with the comfort, Davis said in the event.  

While these improvements will allow astronauts to hopefully work with less discomfort.

And more mobility, working in a spacesuit designed for extravehicular activity is still a challenge, therefore as it is a pressurized suit in an extreme and difficult environment.

Rubins likened a spacewalk to running a marathon.

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