Aliens are flashing laser
Aliens are flashing laser

Aliens are flashing laser, Last year astronomers studied about deep-space flashing light in space. Astronomers think there’s a chance they are.

When Scientist started

In 2017 a massive amount of 100 million, a 10-year project funded by Yuri Milner Russian Billionaire and science philanthropist invested in 2015 to hunt for signs of intelligent alien life.

Until now it has scanned more than 1000 stars which are 160 light-years from the earth, but it could not find any sign of Aliens are flashing laser.  

Since we have invented radio technology, we are silently listening activities in space, Do we are the only human living on this universe? Or aliens are existing? This is a big question for astronomers. Might be possible they are using an extraordinary different technology that we could not detect.

Last year 21 flashing light spotted in space called (FRBs) emanating from the galaxy within the span of 1 hour. Some astronomers think that light-emitting by fast rotating neutron stars, but meanwhile, they do not prove fully. Some speculated, perhaps to blast space-sailing craft through the cosmos at incredible speeds.

what kind of Telescope do they use?

At the Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory in Amado, Arizona, they announced highly powerful radiation imaging Telescope Array System to search for signs of aliens technology.

Thinking about different people who are living beyond earth, that we don’t know whether they exist or what technology they are using.

Yuri Milner, billionaire, physicist and founder of breakthrough listen said, philosophy is to look in as many places and in as many ways.

Also, he said, VERITAS(Very Energetic radiation imaging telescope array) could expand rang of observation even further.

VERITAS could scan all the activity such as lighthouse beacon, brief pulses of optical light our shine of nearby star perhaps indication method of alien communication.

Andrew Siemion, the director of Berkeley’s SETI Research Center, he said by using VERITAS We are sensitive to the as important new class of signals: fast optical pulses.

And Optical communication has already been used by NASA to send high definition photos to earth from the moon, so there is a possibility that aliens use this technology for interstellar communication.

The great physicist Stephen Hawking said, believe that there is a life beyond earth, so in an infinite universe, there must be a life beyond in earth somewhere in the cosmos or might be they are watching us, but there will be always question mark until we discover.

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