People are taking antibiotics without asking doctors or with a prescription, it seems to be continuing health problems in public. Taking unnecessary or choosing inappropriate drug or dose that may increase the risk for inducing antibiotic’s resistance. People have to understand how prevalent nonprescription antibiotic drug use and the problem that they will face in their future.

How researchers came to know

Researches from the medical college of Baylor, they took 31 students to review safety measurement and effectiveness of nonprescription antibiotic’s use and to examine the factor that influences to use this medicine.

The fact of nonprescription antibiotic’s use, they varied from 1 percent among people who are visiting a clinic to 66 percent among Latino working who were immigrated from deferent counties.

Storage of antibiotic’s for future use, not having a perfect number varied from 14 percent to 48 percent and the half amount of people in one study they are ready to use antibiotic without prescription. This is a big problem that we are facing in society.

The main factor

The main factor that people are willing to use nonprescription lack of health cases near to their place and lack of study what they have.

The cost of visiting doctor or prescription, embarrassment about care for sexually transmitted infection, or might be not able to get time off of work to visit a doctor and several other reasons.

As the researcher studied about nonprescription antibiotics, more studies are needed to make understand people and potentially explore more, non-benefit and unsafe taking the nonprescription antibiotics.

Nonprescription antibiotics use a seemingly understudied public health problem in the United State. An increased understanding of risk factor and pathways that ate amenable to intervention is essential to decrease this unsafe behavior

In the end, we have to be aware of medicine whatever we take in our daily life

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