Is LASIK Eye Surgery Perfect for me?

LASIK Eye Surgery: Does it hurt?

Often, when some of the most common questions of cost and definition of LASIK are no longer there, the next question becomes, ‘is LASIK right for me? In other words, ‘am I a good candidate for the LASIK Eye procedure’? As simple as the question is, it is not an easy one to answer, neither can it be answered in a jiffy. 

It may take a doctor’s appointment or schedule and a thorough examination of present eye condition and medical tests records and prescriptions. When you ask casually to know about LASIK, there are actually over a million other questions swimming in your head. For instance, what process does it take? How long is the entire procedure? How much time will I spend to recover and be back to full action? Will this be a permanent solution?

However, we hardly ask a fundamental question: when is the right time to get surgery LASIK? Or am I suitable to get LASIK? Perhaps we assume we already have an answer for each of these questions. Let us first start with whether you are the right candidate to get LASIK as an eye correction laser surgery.

Am I a perfect candidate for LASIK eye surgery?

The truth is, this question needs more than a hasty answer. And the fact that you fall within a specific age range and meet general health expectations maybe a quick assertion for the process. Based on experience, the majority of people under the age of 40 and have no underlying complications with their eyes and a stable eye prescription can qualify to undergo the LASIK procedure and have a successful one. 

Moreover, even if a doctor had ruled out your qualification for the process, you can still pursue a second opinion from a qualified ophthalmologist. On the one hand, you can contact our team of experts by scheduling a call below. Another exciting part of the LASIK concept is that it is one of the most widely used methods to treat eye defects. Examples include myopia (shortsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism.

Is LASIK Eye Surgery Perfect for me?

Am I ready for LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery uses some of the latest technology in medical research for eye treatments.  Depending on the employed technology, a patient needs to be between 18 and 21 years old to qualify. And if a patient is older than 40, then LASIK may not be a recommended process because of the effects of old age on the eyes. 

In addition to the age requirement, the candidate in consideration must also have a stable vision prescription from a reputable doctor. When the doctor tracks your vision and stabilizes your eyes test, don’t give up on the initial answer, especially a no. In other words, one ‘no’ does not mean a definite final no. you should try again to ask from another expert in the field.

Are there people who should not get LASIK eye surgery?

As the background test can give a good idea of a candidate’s suitability, there are some vision prescriptions that LASIK may not readily address. In other words, only a doctor can give professional advice on these issues during your one-on-one consultation. 

Here is another reason you should reach out to Personal Eye Care in Australia for a free consultation. In addition, there are other medical conditions related to the eye that can disqualify candidates from getting the LASIK procedure. 

Is LASIK Eye Surgery Perfect for me?

Are there side effects or risks in undergoing LASIK?

As with any typical surgery in medicine, there are involved risks in eye surgery with LASIK too. Some of the fundamental temporary effects of the LASIK procedure include scratchiness, hazy vision, glare, starbursts around a light, and halos. You can also find small pink, light sensitivity, and red patches on the white portion of the eyes. Moreover, it can also vary from one person to another. The most joyful part is that many patients hardly even have any complaints or side effects. Visit to read about LASIK Eye Surgery: Does it hurt?

What time is the best to do the LASIK procedure?

Depending on your role in the home or at work, you should carefully consider the right time to do LASIK eye surgery. For instance, if you are a mother, you may love to choose an evening time while exceptionally because there will not be much to do in parenting kids at that time. Moreover, the evening time also allows you to sleep immediately after the process to hasten the recovery process. While you continue to recover as a mother, your children can also continue to sleep, and everyone will be okay. 

Would you recommend LASIK?

On a general note, the LASIK procedure puts your mind at rest and can indeed become one of the best decisions to take. Especially when you compare the years of suffering and pain with eye defects with the sacrifice of full vision recovery, you will be happy you did the surgery. On the other hand, you are in great hands with many professionals, which adds to your confidence in our set process. When you are in the right hands, you can also be confident that the results will be favorable and permanent. 


Now that you have sufficient information on the LASIK eye procedure for correction, it is time to take action. Moreover, if you still need more information, feel free to schedule a free consultation with our expert doctors through the form below. At Personal Eye Clinic in Australia, we provide the best touch for LASIK to correct your eye defects. We also provide answers to all questions related to LASIK eye surgery. We trust that you will find this article highly helpful in answering your questions if some others remain. Remember also that you can quickly return to doing everything as usually as before without any further concern. Click here to read about Eye Surgery Effect.