LASIK Eye Surgery: Does it hurt?

LASIK Eye Surgery: Does it hurt?

No one wants the pain of a medical procedure. Why get surgery in the first place, if not to avoid the annoyance and inconvenience of blurry vision? Whether myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism led you to get glasses or contact lenses, considering LASIK means you want to do away with aids. However, one of the most crucial questions about undergoing eye surgery with LASIK is, does the procedure hurt?

Therefore, this article attempts to address that question and provide a sufficient answer. The journey begins with a detailed understanding of the step-by-step process of eye surgery using this particular laser procedure. Meanwhile, some people may have been avoiding the process because of the fear that it may hurt. Well, you are one in a million people with that thought.

Also, it is normal for that thought to cross your mind when it comes to going under the blade. However, suppose you have the correct information of what to expect before, during, and after the eye surgery LASIK. In that case, many, if not all, of your fears become abated. Instead of fear, you will be filled with confidence and excitement of the joy have got a perfect vision without glasses or contact lenses. Now, let us journey together in dealing with the worry, stress, and fears about LASIK.

What does LASIK Surgery involve, and does it hurt?

When I read about the experience of people that have undergone LASIK surgery, none of the fears have come to pass. Although many of them start with many questions before going for the surgery, they get out feeling more encouraged to boost other people’s confidence about the procedure. At the end of this article, you should jump right in and do it.

The short answer to the question of whether LASIK surgery hurts is NO; it doesn’t. When you care for professional and talented surgeons, the process takes between 15 to 20 minutes to complete. In the end, you are going to walk out of the office without any pain whatsoever. At best, all you feel in the surgery process is a slight pressure, and that’s all. 

Remember that you have several LASIK surgery options to choose from to treat refractive errors in the eyes. Moreover, LASIK is becoming increasingly popular in Australia to help people overcome challenges with their vision that may otherwise appear blurry. For example, LASIK effectively treats shortsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. In addition, ti can also correct farsightedness that is due to the aging process (presbyopia).

So, how does the idea of no glasses or contact sound? Amazing, right?

When it comes to the fear of pain, let us also suggest that you do your research. You will quickly discover that the fear is just a mirage or an imagination for those who have not even tried the process before. Moreover, a good understanding of what happens in the process will let go of your worries. In addition, you get to ask your surgeon any question you may have, and their experience should add to your confidence. Read about Is LASIK Eye Surgery Perfect for me? by visiting

LASIK Eye Surgery: Does it hurt?

How is LASIK Eye Surgery Painless?

To summarize how LASIK is practically painless, we need to weigh in on some details of the process in three simple steps.

  1. On the day before your scheduled LASIK surgery, you should have a specialist who will recommend stopping wearing makeup if you are a woman. Ensuring your face is free from makeup reduces the possibility that a strange material will contaminate or infect the eye during the procedure. Moreover, it reduces the risk of inflammation and irritation while also mitigating the risk of experiencing pain in the process.
  2. In preparation for your LASIK procedure, your surgeon may place some drops of a numbering agent inside your eye. And don’t be scared of the process; it only feels like one of these eye drops; it doesn’t feel any different. Meanwhile, this solution is peculiar because it contains a local anesthetic that can last you for the period fo pain-free LASIK eye surgery.
  3. Furthermore, during the eye surgery procedure using LASIK, the professional surgeon uses a tiny pulse of light (and not blade) to reshape the cornea gently. It can also correct any refractive vision issues or errors. Although, when the procedure started, it required a hand tool to cut the cornea flap (can you imagine that?). Thanks to technological advancement, no blade is needed in LASIK because it uses a special kind of laser. Therefore, the procedure is minimally invasive and also designed to be pain-free and quick. 

How does it feel like while undergoing LASIK?

All that you will feel with the LASIK process is mild pressure and nothing that is discomforting. Moreover, there is no kind of discomfort with this process while undergoing it. However, after a couple of hours, some patients have reported a slight itching or dryness of the eyes. Any such feeling is still expected as your eyes are adjusting to the new normal. 

LASIK Eye Surgery: Does it hurt?

In response to these feelings, you may get some eye drops from the doctor to treat the discomfort. Moreover, average eye drops can aid the lubrication of the eyes and deal with every dryness that the LASIK procedure may cause. However, please consult your doctor immediately if you feel any pain during or after the LASIK procedure. 

The recovery process from LASIK Eye Surgery

The recovery time from undergoing the LASIK process may vary from one patient to another. However, it takes a relatively short time to return to regular work. Although a few patients may experience burning, itching, or some amount of soreness in the eyes. Those feelings are simply because you just underwent surgery, and your eyes need to readjust. No recovery period should exceed one or two days at most. 

Therefore, your complete recovery should be between 24 and 48 hours after surgery in the worst-case scenario. But you start to regain your perfect vision almost immediately after the surgery too. In no time, you can return to action with your favorite book, work, video, or outdoor event. Click here to know about upcoming outdoor even in Australia.

If LASIK is painless, why wait? The Conclusion 

It is natural to be cautious and anxious at the prospect of having a LASIK procedure to correct refractive errors. But the real deal is that since there is no blade involved, even in the cornea flap cutting, you do not need to worry about pain. Moreover, the possibility of complications is even reduced to the barest minimum.